Homecoming – The Melbourne University Law Revue 2016

The Melbourne Uni Law Revue is coming home!

Come and join us at HOMECOMING, as our cast razzle dazzle you in a night of sketch comedy genius. With hilarious stage and video sketches, colourful musical numbers, and a touch of tasteful nudity, this show is sure to leave everyone in stitches.

This year, this revue is going back to its roots. Performing at the Union House Theatre, our eclectic cast are treading the boards at the home of revue, where so many Australian legends got their start. This revue has been a springboard for Aussie performers for over 50 years – including the team from Working Dog (The Castle, Thank God You’re Here), Magda Szubanski, Sammy J, Cate Blanchett, Celia Pacquola, and Steve Vizardjust to name a few!

Join us, for the night of nights of young Aussie comedy – its HOMECOMING time!